Crochet on the commute

This morning I proudly took my crochet onto the train! I started my Anarchy Irony hat last night but didn’t get as much done as I wanted as I was distracted by the spectacle that was Alien Vs Predator on the tv last night. So, to play catchup, I thought I’d do some on the train 🙂

Am in a rush to get mine done now, as I finished Trev’s yesterday and blocked it – it’s now on the table drying out (and taking forever in the process) and looks brilliant! Mine of course will look even better as it’s nicer colours (a nice pink/purple combo), but got to get it done first!

So yes, crochet on the fast train to London a definite success this morning – although I don’t think I managed all that much in 45 minutes as I was worried about elbowing the sleeping bloke sat next to me. Received no funny looks from anyone, but that’s probably due to them being half asleep more than anything else. We’ll see how it goes tonight!

Hopefully later I can post pics of the Trev’s finished hat – provided it’s dried 🙂

Does anybody else crochet on their journey to work? Do you get any looks or comments?


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