Ball Winding

Not only have I FINALLY managed to unravel the mess I made of my first skein of Araucania Quellon, I’ve gone one better and turned all 4 skeins into nice little centre-pull balls 🙂

I was at my wits end wondering what to do with these, and without any sort of mechanical ball winder, I wondered whether I was going to have to continue to wrap each skein around the lid of a tin I had lying around.

But thanks to Ravelry and this post on the Ariadne Knits blog, I’ve turned each skein into a nice little ball 🙂 You can see the order I did them in – from left to right. The first one being a bit misshapen, the second being very ball-like (however I wrapped the yarn too tightly around my thumb which promptly went numb and pulled out half the yarn with it when I was done), whilst the last two have nice flat bums so they sit up straight!

What’s been quite fascinating about doing this, is seeing how different each skein actually is once you examine it closely – even though it’s meant to be the same colourway. Will be very interesting to see how these crochet up and look in a finished article! (Sorry for the rubbish pictures – these do make it hard to see how different each ball looks!)

On a side note, I frogged the scarf I had started when I was untangling the yarn. I’m now going to start it again and see if I can do a better job of it this time!


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