Finished One Skein Scarf

Finally finished this scarf 🙂

Overall am quite happy with it – although there’s lot of issues and mistakes on it. To start with, I managed to start putting the edging on the wrong side, rather than the right side, so it does look a bit weird. Also, I didn’t use a full skein of yarn – which is odd – as my skeins are shorter than the ones given in the pattern but I still have leftovers. No big deal – in fact it’s a good thing so I can then make a perfect one in this colourway for me to wear 🙂

It’s also come in a bit narrow – under 3 inches wide. The next one I may do with a 7mm hook, rather than a 6mm – to try and make it a bit wider. Otherwise, I could try adding another row of double (US) crochet, but I’ll see which looks best.

The yarn wasn’t especially easy to work with – does feel lovely, but the changing of the colour can make it a bit difficult to count the chains at the beginning. So – will definitely be making more of these – need to do one for my mum (in the coral Araucania), may do one in some yummy cheap Almerino yarn I ordered (pic below) and a colleague at work wants one.

Glad they don’t take long to do 🙂


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