Another finished scarf and a shopping trip!

Yay – I’ve finished my second scarf šŸ™‚ This one is the one I was doing for my Mum – and I did it with a 7.0mm hook instead of a 6.0mm for the body of the work. Bizarrely though, it’s ended up no wider, and actually shorter than the first one! Don’t know what I was doing with the chains because both had 203! Such are the joys of being a beginner I guess!

I do think this one has come out much nicer though – the rows in the centre are more defined, and I did a better job of the edging too. Have loads of yarn left though – more than I did last time – so definitely have enough to make another one again if I dare brave it šŸ™‚ (Although I’m going to have to do at least one more as my sister in law would like one in the purple.)

I’m unsure if I should block these, or give them a wash or something – to improve how it looks. The purple one has already started to curl after my wearing it the other day – it may be an issue with the yarn. The next one I do (for me), I’ll do with some of my Almerino yarn that I have – hopefully that will be easier to work with and will retain it’s shape better.

So yesterday when we popped to town, we bought some yarn for a couple of projects. Trev wants a Boy Beanie and I needed to buy some nice acrylic to make a nice jacket/hoody for a colleague of mine who has a new baby boy šŸ™‚

Unfortunately Peterborough is VERY limited in terms of LYS (although I haven’t checked out the market yet) and we had to go to John Lewis, which is no bad thing, but it’s lots of Rowan and not much else (plus I get a desperate urge to spend money when looking around the kitchen department – which IS a bad thing).

Trev just needed to find some nice acrylic for his hat, but struggled to find one colour he liked – never mind two – and kept gravitating towards the expensive Ā£6 for 50g yarn šŸ™‚ Eventually we decided to only make him one hat, and he picked out the yarn I used on his Anarchy Irony hat (Sirdar Denim Chunky in the same dark colour) – which he can only wear when it’s really cold due to how long it is.


Hunting round in the bargain basket, we found a small ball of grey yarn for Ā£1 – it’s labelled B.M.D. – any ideas? This will do quite nicely for the stripes – so now thankfully the hat will look much different to the once I’ve already done for him!


Looking for my colleagues baby, there was lots of lovely baby yarns in child-friendly acrylic. I was able to grab the last 3 lots of Sirdar Snuggly DK in a lovely baby blue. I’ve seen some lovely free baby jacket patterns on Ravelry, so I need to just pull my finger out and have a go.


Once I’ve got another scarf, hat and baby jacket out of the way, I’m unsure about what I want to try next! I’ve not even tried granny squares yet – so there’s so much to do – so little time! It is exciting though – not to mention fun šŸ™‚


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