I’m a designer!

I have been able to get the lovely people at Ravelry to set me up as a designer! This not only means that I can now share my patterns (well pattern at this point) but it also gives me the ability to set up my own little store where I can upload pdfs of my patterns for people to download 🙂

So my iPod Nano cozy pattern that I put on here the other day will shortly appear in Ravelry, with a few tweaks and changes, in a lovely pdf format full of pictures! So DON’T MAKE THE PATTERN BELOW JUST YET! 🙂

It’s also a good chance for me to make a new improved iPod cozy, as there are a few things about the existing one that I’m not 100% happy with and would like to change.

Grr – I want it to be the weekend already! Yay for crochet!

I do have another couple of ideas for patterns I’d like to do – it’s just time and funds! Need to get this baby jacket done for a colleague of mine, and then my time is my own.

Unfortunately the bit of money I was saving for some yarn shopping had to go on a cab home tonight after my train suffered delays. I HATE COMMUTING! (But the crochet time is good) 🙂 Not that I’ve done much crochet this week as I’ve been utilising my new iPod that Trev bought me. Need to find ways of utilising my iPod for crochet related stuff 🙂

Ideas on a postcard please!


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