Progress on Baby Hoody

I’m making good progress on the Baby Hoody I’m making for a colleague. I finished the back yesterday, and am now starting work on the left front. Still got lots left to do, but I feel like I’m making progress! I think the half-double crochet (half-treble in UK terms) is possibly my favourite stitch at the moment. I just love how it looks! Plus it’s great practice for when I do my Cupcake top from the SnB Happy Hooker book as that’s all hdc as well!


The baby in question is currently in Australia as his parents get married there next week (mum is Australian, dad English) – so I want to make the top somehow themed around both countries – with either some funky buttons or some flag patches or something on each side.

Looking good! Unfortunately I always seem to have to adjust something because my gauge is always off! My swatches ALWAYS come out smaller than they should do, so instead of using a 4.0mm hook, I’m having to use a 6.0mm and even then my gauge is only just right. So I’m worried about it being more “holey” than it should be, and therefore not as warm – but fingers crossed it’ll be ok.


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