A quick thrill!

I don’t know why I decided I needed a new iPod cozy, but I did. Perhaps it was because my usual pink and grey one is a bit grubby. Maybe it’s because I wanted one in a different style and a different yarn. Maybe it’s because I wanted the quick thrill of finishing an item – no matter how small.

I think it was a mix of all 3, but anyway – here we are:


It’s made from blue double knit yarn – part of leftovers I have lying around. I made it according to my pattern – but omitted the flap, pocked and buttonhole/button combo. It’s more of a sock with a big crocheted button and a loop to close it off. Quite happy with how it’s turned out – quite a nice, slim, streamlined little thing.

Have some more picture:




I may make a few more of these with some more yarn I have laying around – see if I can a few slightly more interesting ones and sell them on Etsy. I’ll see how I go.

In other iPod related news, our DVD of Pushing Daisies Season 1 arrived on Saturday – YAY! First thing I did was to whizz it through Handbrake, onto the Mac into iTunes and my iPod! The picture quality for video on these things is surprisingly great – although the screen could obviously be bigger.

But how it entertained me today! I was the victim of three (THREE!) train cancellations this morning on my way to work in London this morning. In the end I decided to get a slow train to guarantee myself a seat, but was more than amply entertained by Chuck and the Pie Maker. We do love Pushing Daisies. It’s just adorable. Although I am mad that the DVD contains absolutely no extras whatsoever! But that’s no reflection on the brilliantness of the show. Go buy it!


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