Progress on Go For Baroque

Making good progress on my Go For Baroque jacket! Having a few second thoughts about a few things – whether I should have made the 38 instead of the 35 (Large instead of Medium) and whether I should have added an extra repeat before starting the back and fronts.

I made the Medium instead of the Large because my bust is about 38 and I don’t think the jacket is meant to meet in the middle – so it kinda made sense to me – but we’ll see what happens once I progress a bit further.

On the adding an extra repeat thing, my gauge was ever so slightly short, and I have a long body anyway! In the pics you can see that what I have done so far comes down to about waist level and given that I am a bit curvy this may work out quite well – as the change in direction should help it fan out over my hips. But I don’t know. If I make another, I may have to add an extra row, if blocking and hanging up doesn’t sort it.

I have really stretched it in the pics – to try and show the motif off as well as possible. I think it looks quite good so far!



I wasn’t actually meant to join the fronts to the back until I had added the lower back section, but I wanted to see how it fitted and estimate whether I will need to add any more back rows. Which I think I will.

But needless to say, it’s going to be blocked to hell to make it fit me šŸ™‚ If it still doesn’t, I’ll see if my sister wants to buy it from me, or if any of the ladies at work want to buy a lovely hand-crocheted jacket!


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