Finished Lotus Smock

Well I decided to carry on and make the full dress πŸ™‚


I finished it on Saturday, and took some pictures on a very cold and windy Sunday morning. Who’d have thought it was August?


I followed the pattern to the letter, with the exception of the last strip, which I made a full 6 inches wide, instead of 5 1/4 because I wanted it to be long enough. My problem is I have a long body, and longish thighs, but proportionately short calves! So my knees look lower down than they should be and when making knee length things, I’m going to run into issues!

As a result my dress is now the right length! Yay! It still needs to be blocked (I need to do some swatches and test block those before I try it on my dress.

I also need to get around to buying a proper slip… in these pics I’m wearing a camisole and petticoat – so not ideal. I want to get one in black and one in white – and potentially dye the white one to a matching blue colour.

Definitely my most favourite thing that I’ve crocheted so far! Here’s some more piccies (ignore the look on my face – it was coooooold!)





Next on the list is the Hairpin Lace Cardi Wrap. I also bought the pattern for the Cecilia Chemise at the weekend and still have the Hourglass Jacket to make…

Busy busy πŸ™‚ I also purchased a copy of Creepy Cute Crochet – bought it directly from the author at her Etsy store and it will come signed! Trev wants me to make him a army of ninjas when the book arrives… should be a lot of fun!


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