This is why I hate knitting!!!

Grrr sod it! I have decided that this is why I might end up hating knitting.


In crochet, this is super easy. You frog a stitch at a time, so there’s never the risk of the whole thing going irretrievably wrong. Unlike in knitting – at least for me.

Working on my second Evangeline glove today for Caroline (MUST be done by Thursday as that’s when she leaves) and somehow, when I got on to the first cable row I managed to cross my cable to the front rather than the back. I blame Top Gear – I was rather engaged in the team trying to make some crappy Renault as fast as a Mitsubishi Evo 10.

In any case, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, and then frogged the whole thing. So I’m starting again.

I really need to get better with the whole “fixing my mistakes in knitting” thing. SOOOO easy in crochet. A nightmare in knitting.



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