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Plans for the Holidays

As of today, I have two whole weeks off work. Super excited – it’s the first time I’ve had 2 weeks off together since I left school and got married – 6 years. So, I’ve been planning all of my holiday knitting!

I was thinking that I might cast on for my CPH today but then it occurred to me that if I get started on that, I’m not going to want to make anything else. So I’ve got a few smaller projects that I need to get done and out of the way first, and then I’ll start work on my hoodie.

Hopefully I’ll finish my Evangeline gloves this weekend – there was a bit of the glove that looked a bit dodgy, which resulted in my frogging all the cabling I’d done back to the cuff – and it was three-quarters done, which is annoying. But hopefully I’ll get them finished tomorrow.

My Mum popped round briefly today, so it was a chance to give her back the 5.0mm needles she lent me – felt slightly sad to see them go!

We don’t celebrate Christmas ourselves (religious reasons) and neither do the immediate family on both sides, so there’s no plans for presents etc, but what we are all doing is meeting up for a curry on Xmas Eve, which should be quite nice. We all love curry and I don’t think we’ve been to the restaurant so I’m looking forward to it. Although I can’t pretend I’m keen on spending lots of time with certain members of my family, I guess that’s what Christmas is all about!

So, sitting down to watch the Strictly Come Dancing final, and then I’ll see how much of my other glove I can get finished. Can’t quite get it into my head yet that I don’t have to go back to work on Monday…


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