52 books in a year!

A whole lot of people I’ve seen on the interweb are setting themselves the target of trying to read 52 books in a year.

Since my purchase of the 100 Classic Books for the DS, I think I might attempt this as well. There’s so much Dickens and Austen and Bronte and Shakespeare that I want to read and have never got round to. I downloaded the extra 10 books that are available via the Wi-Fi connection and so now I have 110 books to get through! Well, 109 if you take off Emma, which I just finished reading, and less still if I count down the books I’ve already read.

Because of all the reading I’ve done this week, especially on the train, I haven’t done any knitting at all. I did a few rows of a cuff for one of Gywneth’s gloves, but I just have zero motivation. Like I said in my last post, what I want is to work on my CPH but I can’t whilst there’s other stuff outstanding.

I’ve not felt very well this weekend (not too sure what’s wrong with me) but Trev is cheering me up – he’s planning a trip for us to go to Canada and see polar bears in October. Perhaps not for this year, but maybe a treat for our anniversary next year. The costs of trains from Winnipeg to Churchill are extortionate if you go sleeper class (which I’d want to, as it’s a 3 day journey!) but I’m sure it’s well worth it.

He’s been doing lots of potential holiday planning this week (whatever we do will be our first big holiday for a few years) – to spur him on for his new job which hopefully starts in a week or so once he gets the health clearance. He’s got an appointment tomorrow which will decide for definite if he gets the job or not. Hope it all goes well for him 🙂

Still looking forward to my spinning class on Thursday. Hope I’m not completely useless at it!


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