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A Hat Fit For A Husbeast!

Been a little while since I blogged. Not been much going on in our household, knitting or otherwise until this week. Picked up some more yarn to finally make the pair of gloves my Mum has been nagging me for (she’ll get these and then that’s IT!) and at last got around to knitting my first hat.

Trev’s been after a warmer hat for a while – as much as he loves the crocheted beanies I’ve made for him they’re not desperately warm, and since the 100% wool ones grew when I washed them (doh!) he’s not had a warm hat to wear. So on Thursday, when it snowed really badly overnight and I couldn’t get to work, he looked like this when we went out for a walk:

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

I was warm – although something about the snow makes my hair look red instead of blonde:

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

Here’s some more pics of the snow we were blessed with – easily 5-6 inches of snow. Cool.

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!

So yeah, it was pretty bad! I had been laughing earlier in the week at the snow London had – how it brought everything grinding to a halt, but that in Peterborough we were fine. This was my office roof on Monday morning:


I think the snow got it’s own back on me for laughing.

So today, I finished this for Trev:

A Hat Fit For A Husbeast

A Hat Fit For A Husbeast

Based on the A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend pattern, I followed it as much as I was able considering I was using chunky yarn instead of aran. Cast on only 80 stitches instead of 100, and used 6.0mm needles instead of 5.0mm. As I don’t have a 16 inch circular, I magic-looped the whole thing using my Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeables. I did about 6 and a bit inches before starting the decreases, making this a bit longer as well.

The one thing I’m not happy with is how weird the stripes look on the purl sections. I used up one ball of each colour, pretty much, so I still have one ball of each left. I may try making another hat with larger colour sections and seeing if that looks better.

Also did my first attempt at Navajo plying on my spindle the other day. Didn’t go very well – I understand there’s meant to be little lumps where you start a new chain, but mine were quite big. I’m sure it’s just a practice thing, but I need to do a “proper” 3-ply and see which I prefer. Both have their uses I’m sure. No pic of the attempt, as it’s too pathetic for public viewing!

Also been trying to buy some new spindle goodies. I bought a Zebrawood Midi Bosworth Spindle over a week ago now, and thanks to the incompetence of Royal Mail trying to initially deliver it on Trev’s first day at work (the first day that he will no longer be at home for the post – geniuses!) and then not turning up with it today like they were meant to, despite delivering post in the worse snow yesterday, it’s not here.

So I’ve consoled myself with ordering another special spindle off the February list. I already have a Moosie on the way, which will come in December, but I’ve asked for a Rosewood Mini with a Bloodwood shaft. Hope to have it here by the end of the month.

Anybody wondering what the hell I am on about can find out more info here. Spindles are for spinning yarn by hand.

And finally, unfortunately, we had some bad news. Trev found out on Wednesday (after a tough first day at work, bless him) that his mum has advanced pancreatic cancer. Over the last few days we’ve found out more information. It’s spread to the liver, which makes it terminal, rather than curable. And his mum is in the 85% of people who can’t be operated upon. It’s only been there about 2 months, so it’s very aggressive 😦 She’d been very sick – constantly vomiting and unable to keep any food down. Unless this improves, she won’t be able to start chemo and that shortens the prognosis. In any case it isn’t great 😦

We were going to try and see her on Thursday, but with the snow, we couldn’t get to town as the buses weren’t running, and neither were cars/taxis. Trev’s hoping to go and see her next Friday. His work are very good about him having had the last 2 days off – his manager has been in a similar situation with her mum but wasn’t able to see her before she died, so she’s been very sympathetic which is lovely.

Trev isn’t great and I’m doing what I can, but just feel totally useless, as there isn’t really anything I CAN do.

Sorry if I have depressed you all – wasn’t the intention. Just good to talk about it. Hopefully the amount of pretty (hopefully) pictures before this help a bit πŸ™‚


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