Spinning Update

Here’s my spinning update I promised you! And today is good timing as I’ve had more fibre arrive and be purchased!

First of all, new stash 🙂 I’m still awaiting my first shipment of the Yarn Yard Fibre Club, but that should be here tomorrow. My postman cleverly decided to deliver the post 3 hours early the other day, which meant neither of us were here. Great. But I can’t wait for it to come tomorrow.

But, I did today purchase some more Yarn Yard fibre instead! I popped to Socktopus in Fulham for the first time to drop off Diane’s wheel that I’d borrowed. Being me, I couldn’t leave without buying something, and it was either buy some fibre for the bargain price of £10, or spend MUCH more on purchasing sock needles and sock yarn. Oh yes. I could have a field day in that shop 🙂

Here’s the gorgeousness:

The Yarn Yard - Drape

70% merino, 30% silk. I’m thinking this might make a lovely main colour for the Endpaper Mitts rather than the Merino Whisper I was planning initially. Alice showed me a pair of those she was working on and they were lovely. I also got to spy on her taking photos for the March Sock Club. Gorgeous pattern and yarn – I’m totally in awe.

When I got home, my fibre that I ordered from Limegreenjelly on Etsy arrived. Jo, aka FreestyleFibres on Ravelry dyes up the most gorgeous stuff and I’m overjoyed with my order.

I ordered 2 lots of things. The first thing I noticed was how cool the bag looked with the purples and greens/blues all mixed together:

Limegreenjelly Delivery!

My first choice has a lovely added bonus – there’s 120g of it, rather than just 100g.

Behold, the Pink Cashmere:

Limegreenjelly - Pink Cashmere

It’s a blend of 50% superfine merino, 25% cashmere, and 25% silk. As you can see, it’s in beautiful shades of purple, pink and charcoal. Love it. Don’t know what I’m going to make from it, as right now I just want to pet and snuggle it. Probably something laceweight? Would be very warm and soft.

And because I can’t just buy one thing, I bought something to make socks for Trev from. He picked the fibre himself – there were several he liked, but he liked this one best. It’s 2 braids of 70% superfine merino and 30% silk which I think if plied properly, will make a beautiful stripy sock yarn.

Experiment No. 6:

Limegreenjelly - Experiment No. 6

Limegreenjelly - Experiment No. 6

Limegreenjelly - Experiment No. 6

And here’s a shot of all my new fibre all snuggled together:

New fibre!

So, now onto the spinning I did a week and a bit ago. I was spinning some more samples of my Ixchelbunny Angorino, to try and decide what to do with it and I was ending up with the most beautiful 40wpi singles:

Ixchel Angorino Singles

Ixchel Angorino Singles

Here’s some spindle porn taken whilst spinning:

Bosworth Mini Rosewood

Bosworth Mini Rosewood

Bosworth Mini Rosewood

Definitely my favouritest spindle in the world! Until my Pink Ivory Mini with Ebony shaft arrives, that is.

Now, despite having spun up all these tests, I’m no closer to deciding what I want to do with all this fibre! I think some might be turned into socks, and then maybe some into laceweight for something.

Here’s my little 2 ply sample (which unfortunately ended up under-plied (see third pic) as the single sat for a few days before I plied it, although I know how to fix that now) and what I turned it into.

Ixchel Angorino Lace sample

Ixchel Angorino Lace sample

Ixchel Angorino Lace sample

Handspun Fan Bookmark

Handspun Fan Bookmark

Used a 2.5mm crochet hook and so it’s come out proportionately bigger than my thread bookmark. I think the yarn has come out thicker than thread, but not by much.

Funny how much I enjoy spinning with my spindles. I think I can continue spinning 40wpi singles and then 3 ply them into sockweight, which is perfect!

Really enjoying this spinning malarkey 🙂 Now just to get better at it!


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