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Well I finally joined the gym. My office does corporate membership to the Virgin Active over the street for a bargain price a month and since I’m horridly unfit, it makes sense for me to join.

So I went for the first time on Tuesday. My plan is to do classes – I don’t enjoy plodding mindlessly on a machine for half an hour and I think a class will be a better way of dealing with things. So I was at the timetable, looking at the classes. I didn’t want to go on my own the first time, so I asked a friend to come with me. I fancied the idea of Pilates, but she didn’t want to do that. So we opted to go to Powerplate (Google it if you’re unsure of what it is). It’s only a 20 minute class – how bad can it be – I thought?

Oooh boy I was wrong. It’s Sunday night and I’m still sore. I was crippled as soon as the class finished and it got much worse over the next few days. Going to the loo was agony! My bum and thighs have never been in so much soreness. Things didn’t ease up until we went to a Stretch class on Thursday, which is a sort of yoga-stretch thing. I thought it would kill me more, but it actually really helped. So I’m going to have my gym induction tomorrow (to work out how unfit I REALLY am and the sorts of classes I should be doing) and head off to Pilates and Yoga this week. I’m going to stay away from Powerplate for a while!

All this pain has meant I’ve been unable to spin – which has been very disappointing given the loveliness that has come my way this week.

Lhuna arrived from Limegreenjelly. I know I posted a pic of it last week, but here it is now it’s come:

Limegreenjelly - Lhuna

I also purchased something else from Jo this week as I was having a terrible week again (work is very stressful at the moment). It’s a merino/bamboo blend and I think it’s going to make the coolest, funkiest, stripy socks in the world. I give you Carousel:

Limegreenjelly - Carousel

I love it!

I’ve had a couple more bits of fibre come this week. Here’s the latest Fibre Club Shipment from the Yarn Yard. It’s Falkland, which I haven’t spun before and the colour way is Dogwood:

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club April 2009

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club April 2009

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club April 2009

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club April 2009

Pretty huh? πŸ™‚ I think it might make a lovely colour for the Fiddlehead Mittens. I bought the pattern today having seen a beautiful version that someone on Ravelry did using handspun. Here’s a link to the project. Gorgeous huh?

This has got me thinking about projects I want to make for winter. Obviously I’ll need to finish off my CPH, but I think I’ll make myself a pair of Evangelines and a matching Gretel hat – slouchy version. Got tons of projects I want to make before that though, so I need to get my skates on over the next few weeks. I have the week after this off work, so I should be able to get plenty of knitting/spinning done.

The final thing to arrive this week was my second spinner’s set from Spindlefrog in Pink Pony. I love it. It’s so pink and I think it will blend together beautifully. I plan to get some handcards at some point so I can blend things myself.

Here it is:

Spindlefrog - Luxury Spinners Set

Spindlefrog - Luxury Spinners Set

We ordered our new Ikea bookcases the other week and they came on Friday. I put mine (just for stash) together on Friday night. Behold my Stash Case:

My Stashcase

I need to buy 4 x baskets to store my fibre and yarn in but we’ll get those the next time we can make it to a store.

I need to try and do as much as possible on my Odessa hat this week. Might even try and do some now, providing the LOST season finale doesn’t distract me too much πŸ™‚


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  1. I sympathise with you about the gym, I did some muscle stretches on the wiii fit last Thursday, but I’m still with the no pain no gain adage! Great handspun Fiddleheads, I would love to spin something suitable…maybe we should have a spinalong…fiddlehead thing, or even open it up and just have a FairIsle mitten spinalong!

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