Endpaper Mitts

Well I cast on for my Endpaper Mitts last weekend! My yarn came on Saturday, which I obtained in a trade for my Antique Luxury Spinner’s Set from Spindlefrog. The lady I swapped with offered to custom-dye some yarn for me. Whilst the pink/purple multi yarn came out a bit lighter than I thought, it still looked lovely:

Zitron Trekking Sock Yarn - Custom Dye

It took a loooong time to wind these into balls, I can tell you!

So I cast on for the Mitts last Saturday. The tubular cast-on went really well and did give a lovely finished edge on the 2.0mm needles as I hoped it would. However I found that the yellow wasn’t contrasting enough when the pattern started to form:

Endpaper Mitts WIP

You can’t really see it. So I took the really hard decision to frog and try again with some other yarn. I though a purple would make a lovely contrast colour, but I didn’t want to mix yarn types, so I bought this yarn on Thursday morning and it came yesterday:

Rowan 4 Ply Soft

Rowan 4 Ply Soft (I’m so sad this has been discontinued) in Victoria and Tea Rose. I wanted something purple and pink and I think this colour combination is quite nice and elegant – not at all garish.

I did find the first Mitt I started very close fitting. I don’t think I will do the ribbing this time on 2.0mm needles – I think I’ll use 2.5mm to give it more stretch as I do have big hands. Then for the main part of the glove I am tempted to use the 3.25mm needles as I don’t want them to be super tight. Snug is ok, but I don’t want the circulation in my hands to be cut off!

So after frogging the gloves I kinda lost my knitting mojo this week, and Otto has stayed looking like this:

Otto WIP

Although he does now have ears, I’ve not been very motivated to start his arms and finish his face. Feel like I’ve made such a bodge job of the ears, but we’ll see how he looks when finished.

So I reckon I’m going to turn both lots of that sock yarn, into socks! Been trying to find patterns that will work for my big, wide feet. Doesn’t help that I have a problem with my calves swelling up at the moment too, which makes it harder to find socks that fit. But let’s see how we go.

In the meantime, I wanted to try a smaller knitting project, just to get used to sock yarn and teeny needles. So I’ve started a little sock for my iPod Nano:

iPod Nano Sock WIP

iPod Nano Sock WIP

I also finished spinning up the last lot of singles of the Texel sock yarn, which is great! Just need to ply it and finish it now. It’s suddenly occurred to me that I have rather a lot of projects on the go… so I’m deliberately going to try and not buy any more fibre and yarn until I’ve got some stuff done – with the obvious exception of the yarn which just arrived 🙂


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