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Vintage Endpapers

Been a nice productive weekend! I initially wanted to do some work, to try and get myself a bit ahead for this week – but just thinking about it was stressing me out and I just really needed to relax. So I gave up and instead concentrated on my knitting 🙂

Finished the iPod Nano Sock last night – and realised that my Kitchener looked so awful on Otto’s ears because I was doing it wrong. I kept alternating each move from one needle to the next, rather than doing the knit, purl on the first needle, and the purl, knit together on the second. Got it right this time and it looks good. So cute and tiny:

iPod Nano Sock

iPod Nano Sock

I also finished plying and washing the last of my Texel sock yarn today! I reskeined it etc this morning and it’s now sat pretty alongside it’s fraternal skein. I also took some pictures during the finishing process, so you can see how it went from curly mess to reasonable looking skein.

Cop on the spindle:

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

Wrapping the yarn in preparation for a bath:

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

The curly mess it became as soon as it was released from tension:

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

After drying:

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

You can see that even after drying it had some kinks and was still twisting, by about one full revolution – means I slightly overplied it. Whoops.

After reskeining it a second time, it became apparent that I have the same terrible yardage as the first skein – between 80-85 yards. The twist has really eaten this up!

Here’s the 2 finished skeins:

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club March 2009

Now to knit this up at some point! I’m much happier with the second skein in some ways. As you can see from some of the pictures as I’m getting it ready to tie, that the stripes look pretty good! When I finishing the 2 singles into my stranded ball, there was only a yard or so difference in both lots of singles – my best result so far.

And finally, what the post is all about – my new Endpaper Mitts! I cast on for these last night – took about 4 tries to get the tubular cast-on right this time – drinking wine and trying to watch Kill Bill 1 at the same time clearly didn’t help!

I got about 4 rows done last night, but did the rest of the ribbing and looooads of colour-work today. These go quite quick – already I am up to Chart B – although it will be slower going now I’ve got to do the increases and pay more attention to the charts.

Vintage Endpaper Mitts

But I adore my colour combo and so far, they do fit! I did the ribbing with 2.5mm needles to give it more stretch and dithered over whether to do the colour-work with 3.0mm or 3.25mm needles. In the end I have gone with the 3.0mm needles again as I reckoned that any potential tightness can be fixed by blocking.

Don’t know how quickly I’m going to be able to finish these. They aren’t really a train project, esp as I don’t have a print out of the chart, so I may have to do my best to finish this in the evenings and at weekends. Hopefully I can get the first mitt finished this week and can start on the second one this weekend. Just hope I can get my gauge to match so they turn out the right size!

It’s a nice feeling when you feel like the weekend has been productive, yet restful. Been good! 🙂


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