I have a wheel!

I am the proud owner of my first spinning wheel. I’ve bought it from our housemate and it’s a Kromski Mazurka in Walnut. She did me a fantastic deal on her wheel, as well as some books and fibre that I couldn’t turn down. Especially since I’d been playing with the wheel for the last week or so and just seemed to click with it.

Kromski Mazurka

I promise I’ll take some better pictures soon!

I’ve already been a little productive with it. I spun up some Ixchel Bunny Angora/BFL that was a club package last year into some terribly plied aran weight-ish yarn. I spun a single and then chain-plied it very badly using Sarah Anderson’s technique here. The way she does it is brilliant – my use of it, less so. But I have a few ideas for how to improve it next time, so it’s all good.

Ixchel Fibre Club #2 - Shipment 3

Initially this came out a bit overplied – ran it back through the wheel to remove some twist and now it hangs perfectly level. It has plenty of overtwisted and kinky bits in it, where the yarn got tangled up, but for a first proper wheel attempt, it’s not bad.

Ixchel Fibre Club #2 - Shipment 3

Took 3 hours to spin the singles, and probably about another hour to ply.

Full skein info:

Singles: approx 20-24wpi
Spun: semi-worsted (I think) – used short forward draw but didn’t smooth twist back into yarn
Plied yarn: chain-plied using Sarah Anderson’s video technique
Finishing: hot water, whacking & snapping
Finished yarn: 10wpi – 103 yards

Spun on: Kromski Mazurka
Started: 16th April 2010
Finished: 21st April 2010

I have another project on the wheel already. Spinning up more club fibre, this time from the Yarn Yard, last year. It’s Peregrine fibre (25% nylon 75% superwash merino) in a colour way called Red Squirrel. I was planning to make this into sock fibre, but it seems to want to be laceweight, so that’s what I’m going for.

Getting a lot of colours from a top that wasn’t actually that varied. Didn’t think I’d like it, but it’s growing on me.

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club May 2009

Yarn Yard - Red Squirrel - WIP

Got about another 4 in progress spinning projects that I think I might finish up on the wheel. Two are laceweight (Hobbledehoy batt and LGJ 800 yard challenge fibre) and two are thicker (Spunky Eclectic Romney Socks and Spunky Club DK) – so I’m hopefully in for a very productive few weeks if I can resist the lure of other fibre. Only got 4 bobbins, so I need to be relatively disciplined with how I spin. Will be nice not to have any more unfinished projects lurking around! Will then spin up some thicker stuff, as all this laceweight is taking me forever.

And in other news, we are actually moving house again in less than a week! Long story, and I’ll have more info next week after we’ve moved in, but we’ve found an amazing house just around the corner which is huge and an absolute bargain to boot. Really looking forward to it. Already got a spot for the wheel picked out πŸ™‚

Hope everyone had amazing weekends! Only a few more sleeps till the bank holiday weekend.


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