Tour de Fleece Goals

I have joined the Tour de Fleece. What is it, I hear you ask? Well, it’s essentially a spin-along that happens at the same time as the actual Tour de France. The aim is to try and spin every day of the tour, and that we try and spin something challenging on the toughest day (the mountain stage from Pau up Col du Tourmalet). You can join a team, but you don’t have to. And you can set goals, although you don’t have to.

Since my Dad tells me that physically saying (or typing, in this case) your goal makes you that much more likely to achieve it (something to do with the brain ticking over), I’m going to state a couple of goals! I’ve already joined a team – Team Jelly Legs on Ravelry – that part is dealt with. Now for the plan:

  • Spin up all outstanding WIPs from before today. These are:
  1. Hobbledehoy batt (spindle spun, but plying needs to be finished)
  2. Istanbul Sunset (3 ply – one ply spun, started second on wheel)
  3. Time of the Month fibre (chain-ply – first 2oz done, need to spin and ply second 2oz)
  4. Limegreenjelly Lhuna (started to spin this for the 800yd challenge but failed miserably – still 3/4 left to do)
  • Possibly, if I get through all that, I will try and spindle-spin as much as I can of the 50g of 50/50 cashmere/silk that I’ve just started spinning up tonight on my newest Bossie (pics at the weekend)

I think the WIP bit should be pretty attainable – the latest project, a bonus. I reckon I’ll be working on that one for a while as I’m spinning it up crazy thin so it’ll take me a while to get through.

Without the spinning, I have a whole host of unfinished knitting projects I want to get through, which keep multiplying as I cast on for “another quick” project. Bad habits. And my queue keeps growing. I need something like a month off work where I can just crack on with stuff and get things done.

My Kooky Kreations stickers arrived today, which I’ll also show off at the weekend.

The only other piece of news I have is that I have a broken toe! I fell down my stairs for the second time in a week yesterday (very narrow, steep, sloping Victorian stairs) and smacked my foot against the doorframe, equalling broken toe. It was very black and disgusting yesterday. All bandaged up today, so I don’t know how awful it looks, but it hurts like the blazes – so wheel spinning is out. Spindling is also hard as I hurt my back quite badly the first time I fell, and I cracked it again yesterday. So ouch. Knitting is about the only thing I can do painlessly at the moment, which is annoying as I want to spin! Fingers crossed I’ll be in peak physical condition by the time the Tour starts 🙂


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