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So much to do!

Do you ever feel that you start to get a little overwhelmed by everything that you want to do? It’s bad enough with my knitting that I keep buying yarn for projects in my ever-growing queue, but now I have a huge mountain of spinning WIPs that I want to tackle. Some of those I’m hopefully going to sort out during the Tour de Fleece, but that doesn’t solve my knitting issue!

To add to the problem, I had the third of my Knit Love Club packages arrive the other day. I still haven’t knitted up the second (Spring Shoots), which is now at the top of my queue, although dropping everything else for this package is very tempting as it’s such beautiful colours:

Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna - In Dreams

It’s come with beads! I’ve never knitted a beaded project before so this will be another first. It’s also top-down. The only thing delaying me casting on for this project now, is that the pattern is only in one size, and given my big feet, I’m interested to see how other people handle the sizing before I cast on.

(I also bought some more sock yarn yesterday from Nimu – but of course we’ll forget all about that as sock yarn doesn’t count as stash!)

If I get through all my Tour de Fleece goals, I may spin the latest Spunky Eclectic shipment which arrived yesterday (April’s is still missing – booo):

Spunky Eclectic - Field of Screams

This is 4 oz of Falkland, in a colour called Field of Screams. It’s based on Venus Fly Traps, which explains both the colours and the title! No clue how to best spin this up – I’ll do my normal trick of waiting to see what everyone else does, and then copying them!

I also promised pics of the cashmere/silk I’ve started to spin on my Bossie FW. Here they are:

Cashmere/Silk WIP

Cashmere/Silk WIP

Cashmere/Silk WIP

Because I haven’t used anything for scale, you can’t see how fine I actually am spinning it. All I can say is, it’s going to take me forever!!! But it will be a nice project to have on the go, as a side project when I want a break.

And finally, my Kooky Kat Kreations stickers arrived. I’m going to use these to seal tissue paper surrounding handspun, before I bag/parcel it up. I’ve used a different picture to the Mini cards and the banner, but still cute:

Kooky Kat Kreations Moo Stickers

Kooky Kat Kreations Moo Stickers

Plenty to do! It’s a 3-day Bank Holiday weekend this weekend, so I’m going to try and make the most of tomorrow and catch up on a few bits. The dreaded pile of ironing is my task for tonight, so I can properly enjoy tomorrow without feeling guilty.

In the meantime, if anyone has any hints/tips as to what they do to stop themselves getting overwhelmed by their queues, let me know!


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