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Pretty Little Handspun, all in a row!

Look at all the handspun goodness:

Handspun all in a row!

You’ll notice a new addition on the far right. And I’m pleased to mark something off my spinning to-do list! It’s Spunky Eclectic November 2009 club fibre – in South African Fine, in the colour way Istanbul Sunset. I finished spinning the first ply of this ages ago on my spindle, and whizzed through the last bit on the wheel. Here’s another pic and the breakdown:

Spunky Eclectic - Istanbul Sunset - FO

Singles: 20 wpi
Spun: short forward draw (worsted)
Plied yarn: true 3 ply, using tensioned lazy kate
Finishing: warm water soak, & snapping
Finished yarn: 10 wpi, 150 yards, 109 grams

Spun on: Kromski Mazurka & Bosworth Midi
Started: 23rd December 2009
Finished: 30th May 2010

This wasn’t a fibre I enjoyed spinning too much. Although the more I got through it and the more I drafted and separated the fibres, the easier I found it. I also got progressively more yardage from each single as I spun – which is encouraging as it should be a sign of things to come (i.e better yardages!)

So that’s a total of five items to sell now. I’ve started on a sixth, which wasn’t on my to-do list. (I think I may alternate, so I can do something fun and then something I don’t really want to do.) I am spinning another Spunky fibre, in Romney. It’s the club shipment from April last year called Pansy:

Spunky Eclectic - Pansy

I’m attempting to spin it as a single again, in colour order (i.e. all the yellows, all the mixed, then all the purples). Going to be a bit of an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes. Should be nice for someone who wants to knit a shawl or something from it – it will have some nice colour graduation.

I’ve also added to my sock stash this week. Bought the most beautiful mix of purples and blues from Nimu Yarns – a colour called Wisteria in a special blend called Torva – superwash merino/cashmere/nylon loveliness. Can’t quite capture the colours properly, but that’s always the way:

Nimu Yarns - Torva Wisteria

And finally, I finished off a little England shirt for the Baa Ram Ewe Sweepstake Knitfest. Everyone draws a team, knits a mini-shirt, which gets hung up in the window, and then the winning knitter of the winning World Cup team wins a prize! The lady who drew England was unable to knit her shirt due to other commitments, so I picked up the pattern the other night and knitted one:

Mini England Shirt

I’m happy with the knitting, not so much with my sloppy embroidery. But I think you can still tell it’s England, right? So I’m in with a semi-decent chance, but at the rate the players keep getting injured (Rio Ferdinand I’m looking at you), the odds are worsening.

I’m starting to think I have a stash acquisition problem, in line with my last post. But now the weather is nice, I’m going out at lunchtimes at work and knitting in the park. That might help speed me on a bit!


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