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The Big Knit

From next week, we enter Worldwide Knit In Public Day week. You can pick any day from the 12th to the 20th to show off your knitting skills.

As part of this, Baa Ram Ewe have organised a special event at Granary Wharf in Leeds, where anyone who wants to learn to knit or crochet can do so for free!

The Big Knit

There’s going to be demonstrations of other crafts there too, such as spinning (more on that in a sec), weaving, dyeing, felting, and even some live sheep shearing.

I volunteered up my spinning skills and will have a stand there on the day, where I’m going to be spinning on my wheel, and also hopefully helping anyone who wants to learn how to spin on a spindle. We are going to attempt making some homemade spindles which should give people a feel for how they can get started.

The lovely people at Wingham Wool Work have agreed to donate some supplies – some sample packs, so people can see and feel how different fibres are, and a kilo of cheviot for people to learn on. I’m very excited, but also terribly scared about putting this all together and hoping it will come off! (So massive props to Verity at BRE for the massive amount she is doing!)

The supplies should be here early next week, and I’m going to have a go at making the spindles this afternoon. This is also part of the rush for me to get some handspun finished, so I can show people the kinds of results you can get and also hopefully sell a little bit if people like it.

So if you’re in Leeds, next Saturday on the 12th, swing by and say hello! I’ll be the crazy person there with a spinning wheel and very bad hair 🙂


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