Shop nearly ready!

The great moment is nearly upon us – where my online store will be up and running!

Spent the evening tonight working out postage prices, fees, updating policies for my store, all sorts. All that’s left to do now is whack some stuff in there! I’ll do that this weekend once I can take some better, more consistent photos of my stuff. I also need to order some postbags, but I can panic about that if and when people start buying stuff! (I kid, I kid – I will get some asap).

Feels like it’s finally coming on! There may also be hand-dyed yarn and fibre appearing in the future too. Trev has taken a bit of an interest in dyeing – as he’s infinitely more creative and colour-minded than I am, we could be onto a winner. He’ll be going to a workshop in a few weeks and we’ll see how that goes.

In case it goes well, what kinds of base blends, or colours would you like to see in your hand-dyed yarns and fibres? Really interested to see what would be popular!

Linky to the store to come this weekend 🙂


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