Soft squishy goodness

As tempted as I am to make a post with that title about the copious amounts of fat I need to lose, it’s actually about something far more pleasant!

I have a new handspun FO to show off, and I’m pretty happy with this one:

Fyberspates - Lilac - FO

It’s some Fyberspates BFL that I got in a swap last year. I was debating whether or not to spin it up as sock weight, but thought that a soft, chunkier 3 ply would be nice.

Gave the fibre a good aerate and spun it long draw – got through it quite quickly, actually. Probably spun all the singles in no more than 4 hours, which is pretty good going for me.

Vital statistics:

Singles: approx 20 wpi
Spun: long-draw, semi-woollen
Plied yarn: true 3 ply, using tensioned kate
Finishing: warm water soak, thwack and snap
Finished yarn: approx 9-10 wpi, 155 yards, 100 grams

Spun on: Kromski Mazurka
Started: 25th June 2010
Finished: 28th June 2010

This one has gone immediately into the shop – you can find it here.

I’m hoping that now my store is up and running that I will be able to start making my yarn and fibre habit semi-self sufficient. I’ve got my eye on a new wheel – well I say wheel, it’s really more of an e-spinner as there is no wheel involved. I’ve fallen in love with the Hansen mini-Spinner – particularly the one that comes with Woolee Winder and 10oz bobbin capacity. Given that I struggle to fit 4 oz of yarn on my bobbins, I can’t imagine the joy that would come with 10oz.


They also come in exotic woods, but I think the cherry is gorgeous. I am dreaming of the boost in productivity I would be able to have with one of these babies! They’re not cheap, unfortunately – probably about the same price as buying a Majacraft Rose, which I think is quite good value, but then I have to think about shipping and customs fees on top.

What to do? Go for a sewing machine and learn to sew, or try and improve my spinning chops even more? Tough decision!


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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