You know sometimes you knit something and you’re not entirely happy with it when finished? So it was with these Koigu socks:

Trev's Koigu Socks

I knitted them as an anniversary present for Trev last year. They were the second ever pair of socks I knitted and despite looking ok on the blockers, they didn’t really fit him all that well. The foot wasn’t long enough, which meant lots of tightness across the instep, the short row heel didn’t give him enough height and the bind-off was too tight – so he really had to yank them to get them on. After a couple of wears, this resulted in the bind-off edge of one of the socks becoming quite loose.

So, I took the bold step of totally frogging both socks. I wound the yarn into balls as I frogged, to keep it under some kind of tension. Then this morning, I skeined it, and chucked it in the sink to have a soak – which has made it much less kinky than it was before.

I think it will definitely become socks again, but this time an even simpler plain stockinette pattern. I’m trialling a few different heels at the moment too – current pair of socks is toe-up and uses a gusset and a short row heel (this pattern here) but having semi-recently purchased Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up, I think I will try the heel flap next time. I love the feel of a heel flap – but have so far only knitted one cuff-down. This should provide an even better fit for Trev and be nice and quick to knit.

It shall however be a little while before these socks get knitted – I have a pair of socks for Trev on the needles right now, but then have 2 Knit Love Club packages I need to catch up on, along with another couple of pairs I want to knit for myself. There’s also a few other outstanding WIPs and the giant queue of things I’m itching to knit at the moment. Oh for more hours in the day! But I’m having a semi-productive week off and should make a little dent in the humongous pile.

To complicate things further, the Tour de Fleece starts this weekend! I will need to have a little rethink of my goals as I’ve already spun up a couple of the old projects I was thinking of. Will give it some thought and come back with new goals tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Reclamation

    1. Thank you! I think I will probably make up some almost identical socks, just ones with a different heel and with a bit more room in them. It’s a shame to have frogged them, but more so to have them never be worn.

      Just got to get around to re-knitting now! Easier said than done 🙂

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