Ready, Set, SPIN!

So, the Tour de Fleece starts today! I didn’t join in last year as I kinda forgot about it and was short on time too, with my mammoth commute every day (looking back I can’t believe I did that, you know?), but I have joined a team this year!

I am part of Team Jelly Legs, run by the lovely Freestylefibre who is one of my favourite fibre pushers.

Here’s a snapshot from a previous post which explains the purpose of the TdF:

I have joined the Tour de Fleece. What is it, I hear you ask? Well, it’s essentially a spin-along that happens at the same time as the actual Tour de France. The aim is to try and spin every day of the tour, and that we try and spin something challenging on the toughest day (the mountain stage from Pau up Col du Tourmalet). You can join a team, but you don’t have to. And you can set goals, although you don’t have to.

I had previously set some goals, but since I’ve spun up some of the fibre already, it’s time to set some new ones:

  • Try and spin every day – for at least 30 minutes
  • Finish plying Hobbledehoy Batt – this is spin already, just needs to have the plying completed
  • Spin and ply the second 2oz of Spunky Eclectic Time of the Month fibre – first 2oz is already done – need to spin and finish the second
  • Finish spinning up Spunky Eclectic Ribbons fibre – I’ve spun the first 2oz of this – need to spin the last 2oz and then chain ply into something hopefully resembling sock-weight yarn
  • Finish spinning Limegreenjelly Lhuna – this was meant to be spun for a challenge that ended in April and I failed miserably, so time to make up for it

What else?

Well provided the hot weather doesn’t get the better of me, I will try and spin up more of the cashmere/silk found here. It’s been so warm recently that my hands get too hot and I can’t draft this stuff properly. I got into a little bit of a groove when I started spinning it, and I can’t find it again.

Alternatively, I some other braids of fibre that I may try and get done – or I have some natural coloured Merino and Corriedale I might try and spin up for the shop (even though it’s a bit plain). Let’s see how I get on!

In terms of a challenge on the toughest day, I may try and spin only superfine laceweight that day (which means the spindle or Lhuna projects) or try a new fibre blend. Not sure.

To top it off I started a new knitting project last night too, but that should give me some relief in quieter non-spinning moments.

Have fun everyone, and good luck!


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