A Quick Knit

I started and finished this bag on Friday:

Origami Bag - FO

It’s made from 3 balls of Cygnet Seriously Chunky that I bought from Baa Ram Ewe a few weeks ago. Balls are only £2 each! Bargain! When I bought the yarn I also picked up the free pattern to make this bag (well it’s why I bought the yarn, really) – and a toggle to use for a closure.

Unfortunately I ran out of yarn while making the strap – I had just enough to make it a semi-decent length and to join the strap to the body – but not enough to seam the bag itself. Thankfully I had some acrylic yarn from something I’d frogged in a similar colour that did the job quite nicely.

I didn’t have enough yarn to make a proper closure – so instead I attached the toggle, and plied a small piece of yarn back on itself – which I attached and it can just be wrapped around the toggle to act as a closure.

Debating whether or not to line this and put a zip in? Waste of money on a £6 bag? Or good practice?

I have to say that I am not a fan of knitting with 10mm needles – very unwieldy and not something I particularly enjoyed, but there we go. If I do make one of these bags again, I’ll cast on the initial 6 stitches with a provisional cast on, so that the strap can be simply grafted to the body, which should give a better result and also use less yarn.

So, because I don’t already have enough projects to knit, I cast on for something new straight after. This is for me, and it’s a nice simple project with some interesting yarn. The pattern is Simple Things and I am knitting it with this yarn that I also bought from BRE:

Lang Yarns - Jawoll Magic

It’s knitting up like this so far:

Simple Things - WIP

It’s much skinnier than I thought it would be – it’s 400yds in 100g, but it feels much thinner than similar length yarns I’ve used. It’s also not very soft, splits easily and will look like a mess until it’s blocked! My tension is not good… but blocking should cover a multitude of sins. Had one knot in the ball so far and I’m expecting more, but it was only cheap. I like how the colours are coming out, but not enjoying the knitting experience, which a shame. But then the next shawl I knit will be from Wollmeise, so it’s worth persevering to get through to that point!

Wollmeise - Twin Türkise Markise

Mmmm yummy yummy Wollmeise. Not knitted with it before and this isn’t necessarily a colour I would have chosen for myself before Bettina offered to sell it to me, but I think it will work quite nicely in an Ishbel 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Quick Knit

  1. Sarah told me about Cygnet and I made my Lakeside socks from their 4ply, good value for money! I guess the chunky has the same feel?

    It’s quite a nice bag, and lining it wouldn’t take long, but if it goes to waste because you didn’t line it, you’ll blame yourself. I say choose a pretty gingham or polka dot fabric that compliments it! 🙂 You could also do a small loop from the fabric for the toggle to be attached better?

    1. Yeah I do think I’ll line it. Will have to stitch all the lining by hand initially, unless I can find a good one on eBay for cheap. Would make it much more useable then, wouldn’t it?

      Any good lining-making tutorials that you know of?

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