A Bit of Silliness

and light relief as a reward for anyone who trudged through my last post!

In my last knitting post, you’ll have seen an in-progress Tinker hat.

Tinker - WIP

I am excessively pleased to report that I managed to finish the hat in time for Woolly Wormhead’s trip to BRE, where I managed to get her to sign both my books! Lovely, lovely lady – and I now have plans for knitting at least 4 more of her hats, including the Business Card pattern that you can only collect on her tour.

You’ll have to excuse my appearance in the following pics. It was in need of a scrub, my hair needs a wash, the t-shirt was the only clean ironed thing I could find in the house and any slight grimaces are due to my suffering a bad cash of whiplash at work-related go-karting on Friday (apparently I drive like a girl).

Tinker - FO

Tinker - FO

(Please excuse half-naked man in background – some right weirdoes in Leeds!)

So, perhaps not quite my colour, but it’s comfortable and I will wear it regardless of how stupid I look! It transpires from my chats with Woolly on Thursday that I have a large, long head. So I not only have to make larger sizes, I need to make sure I add extra length to them too – which explains why most berets etc look ridiculous on me. Perhaps no more? But a beanie style hat is definitely my favourite.

Hats are going to become a favourite staple of mine – to help with my trich by both covering up my hair and also giving me something to do to keep my hands busy.

We also managed to persuade Trev to model the Tinker hat for me (although he did this under great duress):

He also modelled a much more man suitable hat – Chevron, which I’m definitely going to make for him.

Thanks to Verity at Baa Ram Ewe for the pics!

Saturday was quite a busy day. I took the hat pics above (well Trev did), and also some pics of other FOs that deserved better photos. Here’s my soft angora scarf:

New Shell Scarf - FO

And my Icing Swirl Hat:

Icing Swirl Hat - FO

That hat really doesn’t suit me at all – plus it itches me as it’s alpaca! But post picture taking we went for a little walk on part of the Meanwood Valley Trail which runs through the park all the way towards the Dales. Took a few pics:

Meanwood Beck

Meanwood Beck

We had a lovely day for it. Sunny, but with a strong cool breeze. My perfect kinda day!

Finally, it was time to take some pictures of more Wollmeise yarn! The Minze from last week travelled to a new home in Edinburgh in exchange for this massive 172g skein of Amethyst Medium WD:

Wollmeise 100% Amethyst WD

This WILL become my Ishbel – it’s a better match for my skin tone than the TΓΌrkise Markise and I do love purple. It’s so soft and scrummy!

In my grab bag, I received a couple of lovely skeins. This was a Kunterbunt Twin bag, and I picked up a Maus Alt WD and Indisch Rot Spiralen WD.

Wollmeise Twin Maus Alt WD

Wollmeise Twin Indisch Rot (Spiralen) WD

The Maus Alt I’m hoping is going to become a Slable hat. I think the grey will look quite nice against my skin tone, and it should wear quite well.

Now to try and make a dent in my queue so I can get round to all this!


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