Man knits!

I have been very diligent at some knitting (and very much NOT SO at others) and have completed some man projects!

I bought this yarn to make a Chevron hat for Trev, mentioned in a previous post:

Jamieson's Shetland Heather - Eider Duck

It’s been knitted up and turned into a hat!

Chevron - FO

I first knitted it according to the sizing for the 2nd largest size, and in an attempt to save time, turned the hat inside out when I got to the crown and knitted all the stitches rather than purling them.

Unfortunately my knit tension is a lot tighter than my purl tension and this meant the crown ended up drastically smaller and wouldn’t fit.

So I frogged back to the start of the crown and purled it all properly rather than knitting inside out. I also added an extra six rows for length, to make it the same height as the sample Trev tried on, which was knitted in the largest size. This means that the hat finally now fits Trev the way the sample did.

And I managed it all from a single ball of yarn! Got about 2 yards left over, so combined with my buying 2 balls of the yarn, I have enough for another hat for him πŸ™‚

I have also finished some man socks. I cast these on 4 months ago, the middle of April just after we’d moved up to Leeds and it took me until the end of July to finish them. 2×2 rib on 2.25mm needles for man socks, is not a recipe for fun, it would seem. It took me 2.5 months to knit just one of the socks, and then I got most of the foot of the second sock done in one go. On the way I finally finished them, I knit 30 rows before binding off – so I clearly have the speed in me, I just can’t be bothered. But the look good, and they fit really well too:

Trev's Stripy Gusset Socks - FO

Trev's Stripy Gusset Socks - FO

Trev's Stripy Gusset Socks - FO

The pattern is Wendy’s Toe Up, Fingering Weight Socks with Gusset Heel – so you get the width of adding in the gusset, without the bulk of a heel flap. Instead you make the heel with a short-row technique.

It was my first project using self striping yarn! I may or may not have been *slightly* anal about making sure the stripes matched up on both socks… Because the yarn is 75% bamboo, 25% nylon, the socks are lovely and cool on your feet. Would make rubbish winter socks, but for summer they are perfect.

Cast on 16/32 stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast on. Increased up to 72. Knitted 100 rounds after the toe, before beginning the gusset. After the gusset, knitted approx 108 rounds before casting off with Jenny’s Suprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. Kinda lost count of the rows I knit on the leg – would have been nice to end it on an even hundred!

In other knitting news, I’m making a bit of progress on the sample I’m doing for Ruth. I need to get my skates on and finish it – esp as these pics are over 2 weeks old now.

Heartstrings - WIP

Heartstrings - WIP

I’ve also finished another project, but will save that for another post when I’ve got modelled pics.

And finally, had my 4th installment of the Knit Love Club arrive – gorgeous Lorna’s Laces yarn, with a Victorian period inspired pattern. REALLY want to knit these asap, so will finish off the sample for Ruth and get socking!

Lorna's Laces - Bleen & Grue

Fingers crossed this week will be better than last. I’ve been terrible with my hair pulling and have my first CBT appointment in the morning. Really need things to start coming together – a poor weekend with my parents didn’t help things last week. Desperately want more time at home and to feel like a slightly saner class of human being, but we’ll see how we go!


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