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Wow – it’s been a little while I blogged. Over 2 weeks in fact!

Not a lot to report in the interim, really. I went for the CBT appointment mentioned in my last post and it was hard work. Really tough. But I’ve been recommended for a full course of CBT – the hardcore stuff lasting at least 20 weeks. Not sure whether to be pleased about that or not! πŸ™‚

Not got a lot of knitting done in the last couple of weeks, much to my chagrin. Got a bit done last weekend, which was a bank holiday so I had an extra day at home – bliss! Hoping to get a project mostly finished this weekend so I can move onto other knitting. Updates soon!

I’ve also been slightly preoccupied in the last couple of days playing with my new Kindle! It’s my first ebook reader and I’ll do a separate post with a review and lots of pictures later.

It is lovely to be reading more again and I love that I can add pdfs to it and use it to store my knitting patterns for knitting on the move! Should also mean I can get more knitting done as I won’t be able to distract myself with Ravelry and Twitter like I do when I view pdfs on the laptop.

I wanted to thank everyone again for all the kind words and best wishes I’ve been sent in the last 2 weeks. As someone who is unable to talk to her family about things like this (for various reasons too long for a blog post), it’s really nice to know that I have friends and people around who do care. It’s a sensation that takes some getting used to, but you won’t see me complaining πŸ™‚


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