Ishbel decisions

I need help with a very important decision!

Baa Ram Ewe will be starting a knit-a-long for the Ishbel shawl in the next couple of weeks and since I’ve been planning to make another one (first one is here) it’s probably a good chance for me to get stuck in.

However I thought I had the colour decided, but now I’m not too sure. I traded away my Indisch Rot Spiralen Wollmeise in Twin for a lovely skein of 100% Dunkle Kirsche. My initial plan was to knit an Ishbel in a beautiful purple colour, but now I’m very tempted by this red. See what you think:

Wollmeise Dunkle Kirsche WD

Wollmeise 100% Amethyst WD

Both skeins are massive and weigh 172g, so there’s plenty of extra yardage there to make a large stockinette, small lace shawl but I can’t decide on colour. The purple is so gorgeous I’m now tempted to save it for something extra gorgeous, while the red probably suits my skin tone a little better, but I’m open to suggestions.

We’ll be starting on the 16th at Knit Night, so I’ve got a little while to decide yet πŸ™‚


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