Rip It, Rip It

I hate to frog items, but in this instance I think it’s for the best. For the uninitiated, frogging, (from the verb, to frog) means ripping back your knitting – either a bit, or the whole piece. It comes from the sound you make when you rip-it – rib-bit… geddit?

The item in question is my Central Park Hoodie. I started it during Christmas 2008 and got very distracted immediately after with gift knitting I had foisted on me, and got behind. Consequently, I never got farther than the back. I actually knitted MORE than that, but ended up ripping the whole left front for boring reasons involving the wrong needles etc that you can read about on my project page.

I will start it again – as I love the colour of the yarn and want the finished item to wear.

Back of CPH

I’ll start it again in a larger size, using unblocked wool. I bought enough, so should have enough to start over from scratch again. Maybe something to tackle when we get back from our trip at the end of the month. Plus it will be one less unfinished project for me to feel guilty about!


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