Just a quick note

… as I’ve skeined and started knitting with my first ever Wollmeise tonight.

Baa Ram Ewe is having an Ishbel KAL as mentioned two posts ago and I decided to join it. So tonight I had to wind 150g of yarn (no mean feat in itself) and start knitting.

I’ve only cast on and knit a few rows or so as I just wanted to get started so I could join in. I need to go back and finish another WIP before I carry on with this.

The downside that some of my tension is terrible already, but nothing a bit of blocking won’t fix (I hope).

The big plus side is that this yarn feels simply amazing to knit with. I may never want to knit with anything else. Seriously! So soft and knits like butter. Can’t wait to see how it looks and feels when finished.

The colour is simply amazing too. Dunkle Kirsche is a semi-solid, but there’s such a rich depth to it.

I’m in love.


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