From one to the other

I finished the Heartstrings sample I was working on for the lovely Rockandpurl today. I had a few more rows to finish and the bind-off, so it didn’t take me long.

No pictures as yet – I’m sending it to Ruth unblocked so she can block it to her desired specification and then I’ll steal some pictures from her later!

This means I’m now freed up to work on my Wollmeise Ishbel. I bought some beads earlier from a seller on Etsy (details when they come) and am planning to bead Section D. I might also do a few more rows, if not a whole extra repeat of D, to allow for more beadage, and hopefully better points this time. To aid with this, I might reknit another of Section E too.

I’ve cracked on with it today and so far, I’ve got 141 of 221 stockinette stitches – which is 20 of the 33 repeats you need to do to increase before starting the lace. Hopefully I’ll get most of those done tomorrow.

My aim is to try and get this done so I can wear it to Germany – particularly when we go to the Wollmeise shop in Pfaffenhoffen!

OK – off for an early night as the next week or so at work are going to be mental (as things always are in the build-up to a holiday) and I need my rest.

Night everyone!


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