Norwegian Purling

I’ve taken it upon myself to learn a new type of purling! I’m a Continental knitter, which I personally find a lot quicker than knitting English style and throwing my yarn. However when doing lots of ribbing, or seed stitch, a lot of time is wasted while taking the yarn from the front to the back and vice versa.

I was visiting a friend this afternoon and during the course of knitting she mentioned Norwegian Purling as a way to improve my purl tension and speed. So I’ve done a search and this seems to be a very highly rated video. It also explains the steps very clearly and I was able to give this a go immediately after watching:

To begin with I don’t find it any quicker, particularly not on long sections of purling, but this is because I’m still rather slow. I’ve read of some people who use this when they have single purl stitches they need to do, but for more than 2-3 stitches they revert to the normal yarn-in-front method. I’m going to give this some more practice and see how I do.

I plan to start Slable by Woolly Wormhead this week which has lots of 1×1 ribbing and seed stitch, so will be a great chance to practice. My Ishbel is coming along slowly, but got slightly delayed by the knitting of a baby cardi, and Slable will be my travel project for when we go away next week. I don’t fancy knitting lace and beads while travelling, so Ishbel will have to wait until I get back.

Hope everyone had good, restful weekends. I’m off to prep for what is likely to be a manic week – as I’m only in 4 days before my holiday and there is a monumental amount of work I need to do in this time. I can’t possibly see HOW I’m going to get it all done… I sense a number of late nights at the office coming up. Still, I have Wollmeise and beer to look forward to – although not at the same time, I hasten to add!


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