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Rohrspatz und Wollmeise Shop

So, time for a series of posts catching you up with the last week or so since we’ve been on holiday! First of all I’m going to cover off the one I know most of my knittery friends will be most excited about.

Last Saturday was our eighth wedding anniversary and we’d planned a trip to Germany to see our friends who live in Hockenheim. We were going to combine it with a quick trip to Munich and Oktoberfest, prior to which we wanted to visit the Wollmeise store as it’s on the way into Munich and it was open on Saturday.

We got into Germany Friday evening, where after a quick dinner we soon went to bed as the aim was to get to the store for around 9am when it opened – which would mean leaving Hockenheim around 6am. Eeek!

Unfortunately it took a little longer to get up and about than we would have liked and we hit the road just after 7am. Eventually we got to Pfaffenhoffen and it was a case of keeping all eyes peeled for the shop as we drove down the street. Soon we came across this:

Wollmeise store

Cue excitement! Excitement and digging out the list of colours I’d been working on for the last few weeks! The problem (I say problem, but it’s really the wrong word) is the sheer amount of colours and the fact I want them all. Thing is, I’m pale and pasty and look like death most of the time, so I have to be careful in what colours I actually WEAR. Unless I plan to knit everything into socks, there’s no point buying colours that I LIKE unless they actually suit me. So while there are tens of colours that I would have love to look at, the actual list of ones I was likely to buy was much more easily whittled down.

As well as my list, I’d agreed to go shopping for a couple of friends and had, in one case, a fiendishly complicated list that charted different potential outcomes and the different yarns I should look for based on what was available (you know who you are! 🙂 ). So there was lots to be done.

Needless to say, walking into the shop for the first time, is a little overwhelming. The first thing you notice is the riot of colour. And then the giant sofas in the middle of the shop with people sat knitting and drinking coffee. (Photo taken from the far side of the store.)

Wollmeise store

Unfortunately due to our late start, I didn’t have quite as much time as I would have liked in the store as we wanted to try and get to somewhere by just after 12, but in the end I was still there for an hour and a half – which went so quickly!

First things to tackle were the lists for other people – which in some cases were very easy, in others not so easy. I even had to wake a friend up from a very deserved lie-in to say, well, there’s no Raku, and no Mauerbluemchen in lace, but how about a Mauerbluemchen in sock? I was wonderfully assisted by a lovely member of the shop team whose name I didn’t catch, but she was brilliant and so helpful. The best way to think of my time at the shop, is like, Supermarket Sweep, but with yarn!

Once those 10 skeins were found I had the fiendish task of trying to figure out what I wanted – which actually took a lot less time than I thought. There was no red lace in the store, which meant that deciding between a red or My Old Blue Jeans lace for a Featherweight Cardi (or something similar) was made very easy. This in turn meant that I’d be finding something reddish in 100% Merino to knit Audrey in Unst. After struggling to find the right sort of red that didn’t totally drain me of colour (it’s much harder to find a cool red, than it is a warm red), I settled for 3 skeins of Dunkle Kirsche.

Finally, it came down to picking the individual skeins that I wanted for much smaller projects. This was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Despite my list being a mile long, it was very simple to just grab a skein of each colour, space them all out on the back of the sofa and then decide which ones I liked best.

I was desperate to see the new colours – Verhext und Verratzt, Igor and Cassis. I loved the look of all of them, with the purply tones that they all have – but ended up only coming away with V&V. The other two were a classic case of, “I love them, but they’re too warm for me”. How it makes me wish that I was less pale!

Let’s pop in a few more shop pictures:

Wollmeise store

Wollmeise store

Wollmeise store

Wollmeise store

Wollmeise store

Wollmeise store

Wollmeise store

Phew. Sorry for any of those pics that were slightly fuzzy.

The lovely Wollmeise people also made me a present of my choice of Twin skein from the Nobody is perfect shelf. These are skeins that are perhaps slightly underweight or might have a knot in them – such is Claudia’s quality control that none of those go out as “normal” skeins and are sold at a lower price. This meant that Trev got to pick a skein for socks and he took almost as long choosing that skein as I did whizzing round picking all my others.

Eventually, we were all done and I left with this:

Wollmeise Haul

See that big bag there? All mine! I know what you all really want to see is the money shot of all of the yarn laid out together – so let me oblige.

My camera isn’t the best at capturing purples and blues, so rest assured that all of the colours are more vibrant in reality. The top row, with the exception of the blue lace on the right, is for other people – which that lace and the bottom row is allll mine! You may notice that I have a *slight* prediliction for pinks and purples… my excuse being that I wear an awful lot of black, so rather than try and alter my entire wardrobe, it’s far easier (and more fun) to brighten up through the use of knitted accessories.

Wollmeise Haul

Here’s the breakdown of what’s above (as I know some of you will want to know that):

Top row, L-R: Lila Ludmilla, Pitahaya, Verhext und Verratzt, Lavendel x3, Spice Market, Graf Ratz, Mauerbluemchen, Igor, My Old Blue Jeans.

Bottom row: L-R: Dunkle Kirsche x3, Fliederbusch, Petit Poison Nr 5 Light, Roter Himbeermund, Verhext und Verratzt, Magnolie Medium, True Love, Poison Nr 5 and finally two NiP skeins I can’t identify but I think might be a Maus Alt and a Paul (which was the freebie).

At present I am currently minus yarn, as despite careful planning, I didn’t have enough room in my luggage (although I had enough weight) to bring it all back. So it’s been packed up in a box and sent insured and tracked back home where I’m now (im)patiently waiting for it. I reckon it’s in the hands of Royal Mail now and hopefully will come tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest – but it’s hard being without that much WM!

So, that’s the shop! Hopefully this means I can steer clear of updates for a little while (particular as I’ve easily spent my yarn budget for the foreseeable future), but have already started thinking about planning the next trip. I’ve now got to get around to knitting all this up. Most of the skeins have plans already made for them (bar, three or four, I think), so better get cracking!


3 thoughts on “Rohrspatz und Wollmeise Shop

  1. a great story about Wollmeise.
    I was there last saturday, it was fantastic.
    It was my first trip to Wollmeise, but I’m sure, it was not my last.
    I hope you enjoyed Hockenheim also like Wollmeise.

    best wishes

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip with those of us that will probably never visit but imagine doing so….excellent photos!

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