I finished my Slable! As mentioned in my Norwegian Purling post, I was planning to knit Slable while we went away on holiday. I duly did so, and practiced lots of Norwegian Purling in the meantime! I am definitely a fan, although I’m still not very fast. But in terms of the results you get, it’s worth it! Makes ribbing look so neat.

Took me a little while to get all the ribbing done, but after a couple of days I was ready to start on the body:

Azzy Knitting

(Taken in the cafe at BMW World on the Sunday afternoon after we’d been to Wollmeise. Please excuse my sunburn!)

I knitted a little over 3 inches of 1×1 ribbing and then knitted 3 full repeats of the chart, followed by rounds 1-14 and then the crown chart (so I added one full extra repeat).

I was so keen to wear to wear it that I haven’t actually woven the ends in yet… but it’s definitely my new favourite hat. Will work for all but the coldest weather.

Slable - FO

Slable - FO

Slable - FO

Before going away I also finished a baby cardi for a colleague at work who is having his second baby.

Baby Garter Yoke Cardi - FO

It’s the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi that I’ve knitted before – knitted as per the pattern except for a few changes I made this time to the button band. Speaking of which, I love these buttons!

Baby Garter Yoke Cardi - FO

As mentioned, I didn’t do the i-cord buttonhole band this time. Instead I did the basic garter buttonhole band but with a few variations.

Instead of k2tog, yo then k at the point you’d like to make a buttonhole, I did this:

1) k2tog, yo, yo, k2tog, k to next buttonhole, then repeat to end.

2) On the next row, k the first yo as normal, then k the second yo tbl to tighten things up. K all other stitches as normal.

I found this made a slightly larger hole while helping to make it a bit sturdier at the edges.

So now, back to Ishbel and a couple of other UFOs!


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