Hap Blanket

This post and FO is long overdue! I posted back in May about starting a Hap Blanket. And I finished it, um, on Monday.

Hap Blanket - FO

Why so long? Well, I’ve had to rip the edging out once, when I got half way as I made a massive mistake on one of the corners that I couldn’t figure out how to fix. So, tore it all out and started again. It also starts to take a while to do each round when they get close to 300 stitches 🙂

Hap Blanket - FO

Weaving in the ends took ageees and it didn’t block perfectly (please ignore my wonky edges) – but it’s grown massively and overall I love it!


One thought on “Hap Blanket

  1. 300? Invierno’s 3rd border ends with over 600…. don’t you want to join us?? 🙂

    PS – reblocked the scarf you made for me with blocking wires, now you will have a LOVELY rectangular picture!

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