Lacy Baktus

A little while back I knitted a sample of Heartstrings for Ruth. As a thank you, she sent me a beautiful skein of handspun:

Gift from Ruth

It was about 360yds of sockweight merino. I wanted to make something simple, so that the yarn was the star of the show, rather than the pattern. I thought about knitting another Simple Things as I really enjoyed the first one I knitted, but I wanted to try something new. So instead, I went for the Lacy Baktus.

It made great bus knitting as it’s all knit stitch (no purls, yay!) with yarn-overs, and some very simple increases and decreases. I had about 98g of yarn, so the plan was to knit the increases until I’d used just under half and then start the decreases.

Here’s a couple of WIP shots:

Lacy Baktus - WIP

Lacy Baktus - WIP

The merino handspun knitted up to be beautifully and squishy – after finishing and blocking it has a lovely drape to it and is even softer. It also has lovely soft stripes in different shades of blue. As someone whose skin dictates that she wears cool colours, I love this. I was up till 1:15 this morning finishing it and blocking it – we were planning to go out in the park this morning to take photos of other things, and I wanted to get these taken too, so was worth the effort.

Lacy Baktus - FO

Lacy Baktus - FO

This will be a lovely scarf to wear with a bit more personality than some of the others I have. It will also be perfect for working in an office with overzealous air-conditioning – something to keep wrapped around the neck is a bit of a necessity!

There’s something to be said for a bit of simple knitting.


One thought on “Lacy Baktus

  1. Awesome result. Love the baktus – was in Norway this summer and have been knitting the baktus (lace and plain) non-stop since. Such a practical and beautiful piece!

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