Luscious Lace

**Lots of pics at the end of the post!**

I finally finished my Ishbel last weeked – it had taken me a little while to do as we went away on holiday and I got distracted with a couple of other projects. Weirdly enough it was the simple stockinette section that took me forever – the lace zipped along quite nicely. Here are some of the projects vital statistics, taken from my Rav page:

Started: September 16th 2010
Finished: October 31st 2010

Planned lace: ABACDDE.

23rd October: Started lace.
24th October: Finished A x1 and B. The lace is zipping along.
25th October: Finished A x2. Why does knitting the lace seem to go faster than the stockinette? It’s really weird.
30th October: Finished section C. Done nothing for several days due to working late. Nice to be back knitting! Also managed to complete the first repeat of section D – which I’m beading. Taking FOREVER. Started off using a crochet hook but soon switched to the dental floss method as I didn’t like the way using a crochet hook can damage the yarn. Think I might do another half repeat, instead of a full repeat.
31st October: Finished! I did another half repeat of section D, so there are six rows of beading, rather than four.

Bound off using JSSBO.

Started off with 172g.
End of stockinette section – 122g remaining.
End of section A x1 – 112g remaining.
End of section B – 101g remaining.
End of section A x2 – 89g remaining.
End of section C – 80g remaining.
End of section D – 67g remaining.
End of section D x2 (half repeat) – 59g remaining.
End of section E and bind off – 52g remaining.

Ended up with 52g remaining, so used 120g to knit the shawl.

Finished shawl, inc beads, weighs 130g.

Used approx 10g of beads.

So once I got started on the lace, you can see that I more or less finished it in 5 days – it’s listed as longer on my project page as there were four or five days when I couldn’t do anything due to working late and going away on business.

After blocking it I was slightly gobsmacked at how large it came out. I knitted a small stockinette, small lace Ishbel last year using Koigu and it was TINY. Not only was this a bit bigger to begin with but the blocking made a huge difference.

What makes me smile most with this, is how good my yarn overs look! I see my mum and other people knitting and am always hopelessly envious of how even and large and generally gorgeous the YOs in their lace look. But I guess this shows what a difference the right yarn makes to projects. I feel like I’m getting very spoiled now and reluctant to knit with anything except WM for most projects.

There’s a great tutorial that I used to help with the beading, that you can find here. I used somewhere in the region of 230 beads I think – and it took ages! As mentioned in the notes I switched to using dental floss, rather than a crochet hook part way through and it was quicker, but still time consuming.

Since the clocks went back last weekend there’s been even less light to take photos so it’s taken a while to get some proper pictures. But here we are:

Beaded Ishbel - FO

Beaded Ishbel - FO

Beaded Ishbel - FO

Beaded Ishbel - FO

Beaded Ishbel - FO

I love it beyond belief, but perversely I’m now worried that it’s a bit too dressy and “blingy” for me to wear. I was hoping to wear it as a shawlette/scarf (despite the size) but I’m worried that the beads make it a bit showy for me. I tend to dress like a bit of a slob to be honest (jeans and t-shirts, mostly) so it’s a bit out of the ordinary for me. But a good opportunity to try something different?


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