Third Time Lucky?

I’ve decided to frog yet another unfinished object. A looong long time ago (going back 2 years) I bought a load of Rowan Calmer from John Lewis in London.


I bought it when I started to crochet and I wanted to make a Cupcake top. It called for cotton and this seemed like a lovely blend. However due to all the trouble I have with crochet gauge (due to the way I form my stitches), I couldn’t get it to work or look right. I got about this far:


So it got frogged and the yarn rewound and I hunted for something else to make. As this was in my pre-knitting days, I hit upon another top that I wanted to crochet – the Hourglass Jacket – which uses broomstick lace.

I got all excited, completed my gauge swatch and cast on. I can’t remember why I stopped working on it after a few repeats, but I imagine I had a few other projects I needed to get finished. That was in April 2009. All I managed was this:

Hourglass Jacket

It’s also one of those tops that either looks amazing, or terrible depending on a) how it’s made and b) what sort of figure you have.

In looking through Ravelry today, I came across another pattern that calls for DK cotton. Hmmm. I have the perfect colour for this and just about the right yardage too. Hmmm should I frog the UFO? The pattern in question is Daisy by Kim Hargreaves and there is one particular project that has made me want to give this a try. It’s this one here.

So I’ve been off and frogged the Hourglass Jacket, regardless of whether I do specifically use this yarn for Daisy or something else – as I don’t think we’d get on very well. The only worry I have with the Daisy pattern, is how to add bust shaping – as I’d like it to be fitted around the waist but not too tight around the bust. The problem I have is that my cup size is an F, but my waist is 2-3 dress sizes smaller than my bust size. I could knit for my bust size, but then the body won’t be too tailored. I will go off and do some research on the best ways of doing this. I saw one project where it looked like some extra shaping had been put in, but I’m definitely not a competent enough knitter to attempt it without lots of investigation.

Fingers crossed this yarn gets knit up into something lovely at some point in the future!

In the meantime, I finished knitting a pair of Knucks for Trev – these took only 3 days and with the cold weather that we’re bound to have, they are going to be essential. At the moment I’m working on the bonus Knit Love Club pattern, Melomelo – which uses the most beautiful Nimu yarn – 65% silk, 35% cashmere. Soft and light and just delicious. The colours don’t suit me at all so it will make a wonderful gift for someone, but I’ll enjoy knitting the pattern.

Nimu Yarns - Helvellyn Crushed

Hope everyone has had a good weekend – we very much enjoyed the F1 this weekend – only a struggle to figure out what to do to fill the time in the 16 weeks until the next race! I have so much knitting to do that I may have to start doing without sleep, but that’s a small price to pay for so many snuggly handknits.


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