Sin Miedo Sockies

Well I’ve wasted no time and cast on for Ruth’s Sin Miedo socks from the latest Twist Collective yesterday.

I’m using my first ever skein of Wollmeise Twin, in TΓΌrkise Markise. I wanted to use a more solid yarn, and given the size of my feet and the yardage needed for the pattern, I thought WM would be a sensible choice!

I’ve been getting on very well – only cast on last night and have already knitted the cuff and rows 4-24 and 1-24 on the leg. I have 30 more rows to do before starting the transition for the heel.

I made a couple of small changes – due to the width of my calves and ankles I’ve added some extra stitches. I’ve added 2 extra purl stitches per chart, on stitches 4/5 and 14/15 as Ruth recommended here in her blog post. I’ll decrease them before I start the transition chart, but it all helps ensure they’ll fit well.

I have, unfortunately, already made 2 minor boo-boos where I’ve done my cables slightly wrong. I’m cabling without a cable needle and in both instances have taken my right-crossed stitches from the front, rather than the back. Still, looking good though (this picture was taken pre-boo-boos):

Sin Miedo - WIP

I can never capture this colour properly and am a whole repeat further on than when the picture was taken. Really looking forward to getting these finished and wearing my first ever pair of WM socks! These are also possibly the hardest thing I’ve knitted so far, so it should have a good sense of achievement attached to it – even if I do make the odd mistake along the way.


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