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Snow has finally reached Leeds. Most of the UK had suffered with snow earlier this week, including areas not fifty miles from here, but other than a small flurry a couple of days ago we hadn’t had any.

However we went to go to bed last night and it looked like this outside:


This will be our first winter in Leeds and I expect it to be quite eventful because we live in a valley. This means that everywhere we want to go, in any direction, we have to walk up a hill. So while things look quite pretty now, once the snow starts to melt and form ice, a trip to the shop over the road will mean risking my life. Added to the fact that the main road by our house is quite a busy one that people go far too fast down, I also expect to see several accidents!

However, that aside, there are a few nice things about snowy days – such as wearing handknit socks! Today I am wearing these for pretty much the first time, which are my only pair of handknit socks:

Knit Love Club 2010 #1 - Rumpled FO

Bizarrely I have knitted several other pairs but these have all been for other people. I am attempting to rectify this by knitting the Sin Miedo socks I blogged about in my last post – and since I blogged, they’re going really well! I have now finished the heel flap, turned the heel and am now decreasing gusset. Here’s a pic after I finished picking up the gusset stitches:

Sin Miedo - WIP

I decreased my 4 extra stitches on the final row 6 before starting the transition chart, to put me back on the “normal” stitch count. They’re much easier than I anticipated and I’m really enjoying knitting these. Going very quickly despite limited time to work on them. I don’t know why cuff-down socks seem to knit up quicker for me than toe-up. It may be because the cuff takes longer as it’s patterned on the front and back, so once you’ve done that, the foot portion goes comparatively quickly. In any case, I can’t wait to have these finished and ready to wear.

Once I’m done I’ll be able to get back to my Melomelo scarf – which I’m about 30% done on. It’s looking lovely, but I’ll need to figure out what to do with it when it’s finished. Give it away? Try and dye the FO to a colour I can wear? Decisions!

Melomelo - WIP

And before I go I’ll just share some pics of Trev’s finished Knucks. Brilliant that I finished these when I did, as they’ve come in very handy already:

Knucks - FO

Knucks - FO

Back to the socks!


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