Checking In

Nope, I haven’t fallen off a cliff or the face of the Earth! What we’ve had here has been a few manically busy weeks. Despite that, I’ve been able to get a bit done on the knitting front but then haven’t managed to take any pictures of any FOs.

I finished my first Sin Miedo sock (so it took me a week) and I’m waiting to knit the second one after I’ve got a few other things finished – as a sort of reward, you see (I feel like that makes me a bit weird?). I also ordered this:

Rowan - Kid Classic Smudge

Some Rowan Kid Classic in the colour, Smudge. I wanted to knit a Kim Hargreaves Kat hat with it – reason being that my Wollmeise Slable, while lovely, isn’t the warmest of hats and I wanted something a bit more heavy duty to deal with all the cold weather we’re having. Annoyingly, I finished the hat two weeks ago but keep forgetting to take photos of it. I will try for tomorrow I promise πŸ™‚

I also, for reasons totally unknown, cast on this yarn;

Orkney Angora - Incredible Angora

I’ve decided to make it into another long, simple lace scarf, a little bit like this one that I finished:

New Shell Scarf - FO

There’s a couple of differences – I’ve put in 2 fewer repeats, as I want the scarf to be skinnier and longer, but also am using a 4.5mm needle instead of a 4.0 needle – hopefully to make it a bit airier.

I’ve also been unexpectedly commissioned – the receiver of the Garter Yoke Cardi I finished back in September has asked for a beret/mittens set for child #1 as part of her Christmas present. I’ve finished a beret this afternoon and am waiting on hand measurements before I start the mittens. Cute!

So lots in the pipeline… once I get the mittens and scarf done, I’m going to finish Melomelo and my Sin Miedo socks – then maybe tackle something a bit bigger, although there’s a queue of about 20 things on Ravelry that I want to knit RIGHT NOW. (The actual queue measures about fifty items, but I have yarn for about twenty.) Adding to that, is the final Knit Love Club parcel that I received – which contains amazing A Verb For Keeping Warm sock yarn:

A Verb For Keeping Warm - Annapurna Root

I was hoping our final yarn would be red, as we hadn’t had any so far. I’ve loved being in the club this year – even though I’ve been crap and only managed to finish one pair out of six, it’s been lovely to see what other people have done and to have all the new techniques to learn when I do get around to knitting them.

Still no further on that solving-my-lack-of-time dilemma however! πŸ™‚


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