Pre-Christmas Treats

For ages I’ve been looking forward to the pay-day immediately before Christmas as I’d planned to get myself a little yarn haul with some of it.

So, I present me, on Christmas Eve:

Yarn Shopping in Baa Ram Ewe

This is the only picture of my Kat hat so far… as I still haven’t managed to take a proper photo yet… oops. I need a more co-operative photographer!

Here’s most of my haul – not included is 4 skeins of Rowan Cocoon in a nice purple colour that I plan to use to knit a Peaks Island Hood with:

My Christmas Eve Baa Ram Ewe Haul

So here we have:

  • 2 x Rowan Kidsilk Haze – to line my Fiddlehead Mittens
  • 1 x BFL/Silk handdyed lace – to crochet a shawl with
  • 1 x Natural Dye Studio Dazzle sock – to knit some socks with – possible Kiila?
  • 1 x DB Cashmerino Aran to knit Trev a Turn a Square Hat
  • 5 x Noro Silk Garden – 1 skein to go into the above hat, 4 skeins for a Noro Striped Scarf for Trev

Lots to do! Here’s the hat that Trev wants:

Turn A Square

I’ve already knitted him a Turn A Square before, but it was very plain and in cheap scratchy yarn. I want to make him a slightly nicer one!

But before I start on anything new, tempted though I may be, I’m going to finish off these WIPs:

  • My Fiddlehead Mittens (knitted one and a bit in a week… need to finish and line)
  • My Sage Lace Scarf
  • Melomelo Scarf
  • Sin Miedo Socks

This will leave my Central Park Hoody undone, but I can work on that in fits and starts between other things.

I’ve also been working on cutting down my queue and making sure it consists only of things that I really really want to knit. It’s down now to 40-something items and I have yarn for over 20 of them. Impressive as that sounds, it’s not really, as most of them are single skein projects such as socks, or lace.

To help in getting some of this done, I’m going to commit to writing down a little plan and I also have ideas for a little sock club that I’m going to enrol myself into.

First of all, here are pics of the finished beret I knitted for my colleague’s daughter:

Darcy's Beret - FO

Darcy's Beret - FO

I’ve already seen finished pics of the hat and it looks very cute on her – it also fits her mum, so she should have room to grow into it for a while yet.

Ideas for my sock club will follow in another post.

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!


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