Self-Imposed Sock Club

Rather than do a post about my New Year’s Knitalutions, which is what I did last year (and looking back on them it looks like I’ve failed miserably on most of them!) or even WIP Wrestling (frogged all but one of these, so also a massive fail) I’ve decided to join another sock club.

Unfortunately as much as I loved the Knit Love Club in 2010 I’ve been really crap and only knitted up 1.3 projects (Rumpled and Melomelo). So, I’m going to steal an idea from the Yarn Harlot and start up my own Self-Imposed Sock Club. Here’s how Stephanie describes it in her blog post:

A little while ago, I put together my own sock club. I still belong to a sock club, but I wanted to make a point of burning through some of the stash and finally getting to a few patterns I’ve been thinking about for a while. Thing is, stuff slips off the radar. I get the yarn or the patterns and I think I’m going to get to it soon, but really knitting is sort of slow, and by the time I’m free to start something again, whatever that cool pattern and yarn were has sort of slipped through the cracks, down past the canopy of the stash and the next thing you know I’ve forgotten I’d ever wanted to knit and and been seduced by whatever came along in the meantime. This year I took my own advice and I made kits.

I got 12 big ziplocks, and in each one I put everything I need to make those socks. If the pattern was in a book I photocopied it, if it was a download I printed it, if if was a pattern I had to buy, I bought it. Then I went through the stash and figured out what should go with what – then I sealed up all 12 and put them away on a shelf in my office cupboard, promising myself that I would knit one pair a month, drawn at random. Some men’s socks, some ladies, some lace, some cable… at the end of the year I’d have 12 pairs of socks (at least) and have made a serious dent in my sock needs.

I don’t have 12 paired up yarns and patterns, but I do have eight, plus one half completed pair (Sin Miedo). So, allowing time to finish off that pair first, it gives me somewhere in the region of six weeks to knit another pair of socks. I know I can do a sock a week (ish), so this would then give me four weeks to either get a head start on another pair or work on other projects. Sounds pretty easy in theory, right?

This plan covers four Knit Love Club projects (I don’t plan to knit one of them, as I have plans to use the yarn for other things), three patterns by Yarnissima and one by Rock and Purl. That’ll do for starters! I’ve got two other patterns queued, but don’t have yarn for them yet. Since I’m sure I’ll amass more sock yarn in the meantime, I may yet add those depending on how I get on.

So, this looks like my schedule:

  1. January 1st – Finish Sin Miedo socks
  2. February 1st – Start package #1
  3. March 15th – Start package #2
  4. May 1st – Start package #3
  5. June 15th – Start package #4
  6. August 1st – Start package #5
  7. September 15th – Start package #6
  8. October 20th – Start package #7
  9. November 25th – Start package #8

This should give me 9 new pairs of socks! Yay! Let’s see how we go 🙂 I’ll tag my projects on Ravelry and add to my posts on here the little code sisc2011 so it’s easy to keep track of where I’m at!


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