This weekend I’ve been packing up kits for and finalising the plan for the spindle spinning class I’m teaching next week. After my appearance at the Big Knit where I taught a few people to spin on spindles and demo’ed spinning on the wheel and generally tried to be a good informational fibre lady, things have since snowballed to the point where I got signed up in October to teach a class.

Last time I checked with the shop three people had signed up (fine by me, nice small group) – I’m now told it’s seven. Now is the time where I’m starting to get super nervous whenever I think about it. There’s a real difference between teaching someone one-to-one in an informal setting and teaching a group where people have paid to learn! Never mind the fact that it’s a six hour session.

Everyone is going to have a little stash of fibre and their own spindle to take away with them – and will get a large amount of cheviot, but then smaller amounts of camel down, mohair, tussah silk tops and a merino/silk mix to try.

Going away now to work on my timings, to make sure that I haven’t included too little, or too much content. And to go and work on some more samples πŸ™‚

If you can, between 10-4 next Saturday, wish me some luck!


One thought on “Butterflies

  1. WOOT!!! How amazing is that! I can’t wait to hear how it went!

    Make sure someone takes pics of the class, I bet it’ll be over in a whizz and you don’t want to forget pictures!

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