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So, you know that Self-Imposed Sock Club (SISC2011) I spoke about here? Well, I’m sort of a little bit behind.

I know, I know – I only had to knit *one* single sock in the space of a whole month and I’ve failed. Miserably. In fact, I must have knitted no more than 15 rows which barely got me past the cuff on my second Sin Miedo sock. Ironically, I’ve actually got LOADS done on them today, while catching up with some new shows on Sky Atlantic (enjoying Boardwalk Empire and Blue Blood btw!). I’m hoping to get a little over a whole leg repeat done, which should mean that I’ve done almost half the leg and will feel like I’m making real progress.

I always find that cuff-down socks zip by really fast once you get to the heel – I guess because you’ve already gotten past the leg, where generally both front and back are patterned, the foot is quicker because normally the sole of the foot is plain stockinette.

Anyway, I have plenty of time to make things up as I have another five weeks between now and the end of sock number two – which should be plenty of time to finish this one up and knit up a pair of plain stockinette socks for Trev.

But to distract from my lateness, oh look yarn!

Sweet Clement - Smitten

Smitten yarn from the lovely Sweet Clement. I had the pleasure of being the first purchase from her Etsy store – but she’s already sold lots of yarn at trunk shows in and around London. Because I can’t get to such things now (sob) this was the first chance to get hold of yarn that I’ve heard Rockandpurl go on about for ageees. And it’s just as beautiful in person.

The French Pink yarn will probably become a pair of Sinuous socks and I’m undecided on exactly what to do with the Cornflower, but I’m thinking of a Little Colonnade, maybe? But it will be a little while before I can get round to either of these – although I may enter the Sinuous socks into the Self-Imposed Sock Club as one of the packages.

And before anyone says it, I know I was meant to be on a yarn diet – but this was bought with the proceed of some Wollmeise I’ve sold, so technically it evens itself out, right?

I also wanted to show off the first little skein that I spun on my supported spindle last week:

First Supported Spinning Handspun

Can’t you just feel how soft and squishy it is? It weighs about 8g and measures about 34 yards – so if I spun 100g at this rate I’d have about 425 yards – which looks about right. It was spun mostly long-draw, and having since spun up another sample using higher twist, I much prefer this softer, lower twist version.

Because I’ve spun it long-draw, it has a lovely halo to it:

First Supported Spinning Handspun

I’ve tried spinning up some other fibres today – a little bit of shorn angora, which was one heck of a challenge (and I have up, if truth be known) and some tussah silk from the fold – which is very different again. But I’m certainly enjoying it and getting more of a feel for how much twist I need to add.

My Grippingyarn Rose spindle is paid for and on its way! Very excited to have it arrive. Having seen a picture of it in progress, I can hardly wait. Hoping it arrives before Friday (I’ve booked a day off work) so I have lots of time to play with it over the weekend.

But for now, back to my socks. I leave you with this picture taken on a walk back from Gordale Scar (in the Yorkshire Dales, near Malham) where we went with my family last weekend:

Gordale Scar 29th Jan 2011


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