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Fearless Socks!

Yay I’ve finished my Sin Miedo socks!

Sin Miedo Socks - FO

So glad to have got these done. I’m also steaming on with my next pair of socks, so I’ll be back on track with my Self-Imposed Sock Club (sisc2011) before you know it.

Just to recap some of my specifics on this sock:

Cast on a total of 80 stitches as I wanted to add some extra stitches to the purl columns on stitches 4/5 and 14/15 as Ruth recommended on her blog to give me a bit of additional room on the leg.

These were then decreased on the final row 6 before the transition chart to get me back to the “normal” stitch count for the foot.

Knitted 13 rounds for the cuff.

Knitted 2 full repeats of the foot chart and then knitted until row 8 before starting the toe chart.

Sin Miedo Socks - FO

Sin Miedo Socks - FO

The first sock took a week, and the second sock (when I got around to it) only took a little longer than that when I actually got on with it.

In total I used about 140g of Wollmeise Twin Turkise Markise. If you only have 100g of yarn to use and your feet/calves are large like mine, removing one leg repeat would save you yarn, but I’m not quite sure if it would be enough. Not adding in the extra stitches on the leg that I did would no doubt improve the yardage as well, but it’s hard to know by how much.

I love them! They’re so warm and I had to make a real effort to take them off once we took the photos as I wanted to keep them on and our current house isn’t really handknit-sock-friendly. I will wear them once we move in a month as a moving-in present to myself!

There’s several other people working on the socks and a few are taking part in a KAL in the Rock and Purl group on Ravelry. Come and join us!

One of my next bloggy posts will have some very overdue pictures of lovely spindles (and a special guest appearance, sortof)! But before I go, I’ll share some pictures from the weekend of Trev’s dad coming up, along with his new wife Gina and her granddaughter (Gina is her guardian). So yay! New relatives to get to know. I wasn’t able to make it to the wedding before Christmas, so it’s lovely to be able to have finally met them and spent some time together.

We lent Britney one of the Ripley hats as it was cold as hell here (it snowed all day Saturday!) and she needed it. Isn’t it annoying how much cooler handknits look on kids?



I feel huge next to her and Gina (who has also been gifted the handknit hat you see here)!


Finally, a charming, and not-so-charming couple of photos involving my darling husband and his dad:



Guess it helps being a little loopy when you’re married to me!


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