A Flood of Patterns

A little while (ok it was AGES) ago I mentioned that every now and then I’d do a blog post post on a designer who had caught my eye and made me totally obsessed with their work. My first was to do with the super and disgustingly talented Rock and Purl (post link here) to celebrate her being published in Twist Collective.

I’m also going to end up doing exactly what I thought I would – start going mental over those designers who I am sure are not new to most of you, but as someone who is still figuring out what she wants to knit (and what I should knit – with my figure and colouring I can’t knit half of what I like) and finding out new things every day.

So! There are two designers I want to blog about but I’ll take them one at a time. The first (since I have been madly queueing patterns all day) is the lovely Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed.

Now it’s very odd with BT as I’ve already knitted some of his free patterns (most recently the Noro Scarf and Noro Turn A Square hat) but haven’t looked too much at some of his paid patterns.

But with adding his blog to my RSS reader and catching up on some of his historical patterns, along with the massive time-suck that is Ravelry (Trev has just told me his Rav equivalent is railway sleepers – he can spend HOURS looking at what people have done with them – “they have so many uses!”) I’ve fallen in love with a number of his old patterns and today I’ve cracked and added them to my queue.

The final finishing touch has been Jared bringing out his own range of yarn called SHELTER which is a mix of American wools available in some beautiful subtle colours. I love the colours and will definitely have to get some for some of the projects I want to knit. Check out the yarn here.

Sooo, the patterns I have queued! There are obviously a ton of patterns – most of which you can see on Jared’s site but I believe they’re all listed on Ravelry here. (Pictures linked from the pattern pages on Ravelry.)

I started off today looking at the Romney Kerchief on Jared’s blog – and I love super simple patterns like this. The pattern recommends using some handspun, but you can also use a couple of skeins of Shelter if you don’t have any suitable handspun – which I don’t right now as I’d need about 200g of aran weight.

Romney Kerchief

This got me taking a look at two of his mitten patterns that I have queued (one pair for me and one for Trev). Grove Mittens, which will be for me, I’m thinking in some sort of super warm, toasty wool blend:

Grove Mittens

Strago Mittens – these I’ll make for Trev in some Jamieson’s Shetland – I might even line them:

Strago Mittens

So I was having a nose around Jared’s site and caught site of Celes – which screamed “make me!” It’s in the Shetland style and a little more practical for me as it’s a stole, rather than a triangular stole. It’s supposed to be made with a 50/50 merino/alpaca yarn which gives it a lovely halo, but I’ll need to substitute with something else. I may get some suitable fibre and spin up something, but I’d love a soft wool blend in a natural colour, that contained a bit of silk, or cashmere or something:

Celes Stole

This beautiful, chunky Dryad scarf also jumped out at me – this would be so good for winter, and I think I would make this in Shelter:

Dryad Scarf

The Juneberry Triangle was the final thing to jump out of me that wants me to knit it from Shelter. This is a little more textured than some of the pieces I normally would go for, but I like the larger scale of it:

Juneberry Triangle

The final (I promise) pattern is a throw/blanket that is knit from super bulky yarn and would be so lovely to snuggle with in front of a fire. I give you, Umaro:

Umaro Blanket

So once again, I’m going to have to struggle with my perennial problem of not having enough time to make everything I’d like to make. I’m trying to get better with my timings in the evenings to give me a little more time to stay up and get things done – as it’s nice to feel productive. I’m getting on semi-well with the pair of socks I cast on as part of a whim. If I get these done soon, I’ll have all of my sock knitting up to the end of April finished – giving me some time to get other things seen to. Yay!


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